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The filter element to be shipped today is a stainless steel filter The performance of this filter With various porosity (28% - 50%), pore size (4u - 160u) and filtration accuracy (0.2um - 100um), the channels are crisscrossed, high temperature resistant, quenching and hot. Corrosion resistant. Suitable for a variety of corrosive media such as acid and alkali. Stainless steel filter can resist general acid and alkali and organic corrosion. It is especially suitable for sulfur gas filtration. It has high strength and good toughness. It is suitable for high pressure environment. It can be wel

Yesterday afternoon, the company organized salesmen to study, and the gold medal foreign trade salesman brought a full-fledged course. After the end, everyone exchanged and shared. Through participation in this study, I hope that can improve everyone work ability, work skills and communication skills. I hope everyone can apply this knowledge to their usual work and let their work have a new upgrade.

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees of Huahang, improve team spirit, promote mutual understanding among various departments, improve teamwork and enhance team cohesion, Huahang employees opened the journey with great excitement. Tourism activities are an integral part of corporate culture and a symbol of employee care. This event not only provided everyone with a chance to relax, but also enjoyed the beauty of nature while enjoying the beauty of the harmonious team life, and enhanced mutual understanding between departments and colleagues. In order to enhance the corporate cultu