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For we have a ten-day holiday to celebrate Chinese New Year, so sorry if the feedback about inquiry is delay. The Spring festival is the most important festival in China.It is on January 1st according to the Chinese lunar calendar. It's China's New year's Day So usually a month before the festiva,people begin to buy food clothes and decorations for houses. On New Year Eve,each family will gather together eating,talking and watching TV for almost the whole night.The children are the happiest of all because they can get presents from their parents or grand-parents. On Lun

December 21st, 2018,Our company came to the Xinxiang City Social Welfare Center ,it is the only comprehensive social welfare institution established by the government in Xinxiang City. The main mission is Adopting orphans and abandoned baby,We brought snacks and daily necessities to the children. Although their bodies are defective,But they are very cute.I hope that all children can have a wonderful childhood.

Winter solstice,Is a common traditional festival of the Chinese nation,On this day, the custom of the South is to eat sweet dumplings, and our custom in the north is to eat dumplings.So today we are making dumplings together at the company.