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Oil filter, generally refers to the filteration equipment for filtering hydraulic oil. It is generally composed of a filter and a filter element. According to the material of the filter element, it can be divided into paper oil filter, chemical fiber oil filter, glass fiber oil filter, stainless steel oil filter and so on. According to the structural form, it can be divided into a net type oil filter, a line gap type oil filter, a folded filter type oil filter, a sintered type oil filter, a magnetic oil filter, and so on。 According to the position where the oil filter is placed, it ca

PP pleated filter cartridges are used in large quantities, and there is a problem. Is it disposable or reusable? Generally, in strict production, the pleated filter element is disposable. After the differential pressure is detected to the extent of replacement, the pleated filter element will be replaced all at once, and the old one is used as waste recycling. However, in some places where the requirements are not too strict, the folding filter can be cleaned and disinfected and reused, which can greatly reduce the production filtration cost. So, how do you clean the folding filter? Let's tal

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