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The basket filter is widely used in coarse filtration in large flow liquid pipelines, suitable for petrochemical, oilfield pipeline filtration; fueling equipment, engineering machinery equipment fuel filtration, water treatment industry equipment filtration, pharmaceutical and food processing. The basket filter is easy to install and has a simple structure. The stainless steel basket filter element is easy to remove impurities after filtration. The power plant basket filter core will not cause secondary pollution system, and can be repeatedly used for cleaning and cost saving. Ultrasonic weldi

1. Separation and coalescence filter for solid impurities The coalescing filter itself has a certain weight, and if the solid impurities are separated, then some hard objects can be prevented from causing certain scratches on the machine, thereby damaging the machine. It can be said that the solid impurities of the coalescing filter element are separated, so that the impurities can be better separated. 2, make the separated water more pure The coalescing filter element separates the oil and water, so that the water can be agglomerated into large water droplets, thereby sinking at the

The oil suction filter element is installed on the oil suction filter. The hydraulic oil contains a large amount of large particles of solid impurities, which seriously affects the safe use of the hydraulic system and the service life of the hydraulic components. Therefore, it is necessary to install an oil suction filter at the oil suction port of the oil pump to filter the oil. The suction oil filter has the following characteristics.