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  2. Oil Mist Separators Filter AFM30P-060AS
  3. Oil Mist Separators Filter AFM30P-060AS

Oil Mist Separators Filter AFM30P-060AS

Product: Oil Mist Separators Filter
Part Number: AFM30P-060AS
OD: Customized
Length: Customized
Condition: New

Oil mist separation requires the use of oil mist purification equipment. Its principle is that when the controller of the oil mist purification equipment is powered on, a strong static pressure is generated to force the oil mist to be directed into the oil mist purification equipment. Under the action of the wind wheel in the oil mist purification equipment, collisions occur, causing small particles to aggregate into controllable small particles, achieving the separation of air and oil under the obstruction of efficient mist absorbing materials.

Product Oil Mist Separators Filter
Certification ISO9001
Part Number AFM30P-060AS
Out Diameter Customized
Length Customized
Condition New
Features and Benefits:


Long sevice life

Large dust holding capacity

High efficiency

Good temperature resistance

No distortion of pleats

Special size available upon request

Durable and reliable




The apparatus removes moisture and particles in the form of tools, machinery, motors, cylinders, and a class of ultra high efficiency oil removal filters, or adsorption dryers.
Often used upstream of an adsorption dryer or downstream of a refrigeration dryer to ensure that the air used in the system is completely oil-free.


  • Cartridges produced in a controlled environment.
  • Manufactured according to CE and ISO Certified Quality Management system.

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