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What Is The Effect Of Coalescing Filter On Filtration?

2018-08-21 Share:


1. Separation and coalescence filter for solid impurities

The coalescing filter itself has a certain weight, and if the solid impurities are separated, then some hard objects can be prevented from causing certain scratches on the machine, thereby damaging the machine. It can be said that the solid impurities of the coalescing filter element are separated, so that the impurities can be better separated.

2, make the separated water more pure

The coalescing filter element separates the oil and water, so that the water can be agglomerated into large water droplets, thereby sinking at the bottom, and the oil can start to be separated twice. It can be said that when the water is flowing out through the separation, The degree of cleanliness has been greatly improved. At the same time, during the separation, the process of separation is very fast, and the time taken is also very short, which invisibly increases the efficiency of the equipment. Better cost savings.

3, the quality of the product has been improved

It can be said that the quality of the product can be improved by the filtering function of the coalescing filter element. It can be said that this better meets the requirements of the fineness of the product, so that the machine product itself can be better improved. quality.

It can be said that the filtration of the coalescing filter element allows the impurities to be separated better and the machine operation is smoother.