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Suction Oil Filter And Return Oil Filter

2018-08-10 Share:


The oil suction filter element is installed on the oil suction filter. The hydraulic oil contains a large amount of large particles of solid impurities, which seriously affects the safe use of the hydraulic system and the service life of the hydraulic components. Therefore, it is necessary to install an oil suction filter at the oil suction port of the oil pump to filter the oil. The suction oil filter has the following characteristics.

1. Large oil-passing capacity, liquid supply ensures oil pump flow and avoids suction.
2. High filtration efficiency, filtration of large particle solids, maintenance of oil cleaning
3. Low original pressure loss
4. Glass fiber filter material, long service life

The oil return filter element is installed on the oil return filter to filter out fine impurities in the oil to ensure the cleanness of the oil in the return tank, which is necessary for protecting the environment and achieving economical production.

Suction oil filter element and return oil filter element are an indispensable part of the hydraulic system. The unique design and the respective performance make a great contribution to the liquid filtration of the hydraulic system. When using, please confirm the purpose, choose the appropriate filter。