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Replace Filter Housing UR699CF40AN40Z Are Shipping Today

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Features of oil filter housing UR699CF40AN40Z
• Patented Ultipleat (laid-over pleat) filter medium pack
• Coreless, cageless element configuration
• Pall Stress-Resistant Technology (SRT) Media
• In-to-out filter element flow path
• Flows to 835 L/min (220 US gpm)
• Pressures to 28 bar (400 psi)
• Port size 2", 2 1 ⁄ 2 " and 3"
Notes and Specifications
Maximum Working Pressure: 28 bar (400 psi)
Rated Fatigue Pressure: 23 bar (330 psi)
(10 6 cycles per NFPA T2.06.01R2-2001)
Typical Burst Pressure: 145 bar (2100 psi)
Temperature Range: Fluorocarbon Seals: -29˚C to
120˚C (-20˚F to 250˚F)
60˚C (140˚F) maximum in
HWCF or water glycol fluids
Filter Element Burst Pressure: 10 bard (150 psid)
Materials of Construction: Head and Tube:
Aluminium Alloy
Cover: Cast Iron
Ultipleat SRT
Element Construction: Inorganic fibers impregnated
and bonded with epoxy resins.

Polymer endcaps. Anti-static media design.