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Hydraulic Oil Filter Overdue Use What Harms

2017-08-30 Share:


Hydraulic oil filter overdue use what harms

1, The hydraulic system itself will produce impurities, valve friction and pipe off the iron caused by falling pollution. The oxidation of the hydraulic oil itself will produce impurities.

2, External reasons, maintenance into the dust, the tank itself is not clean and clean will cause pollution.


Impurities accumulate too much pump or oil valve will produce stuck phenomenon, and impurities, then the oil temperature will rise in the work, hydraulic valves and pumps, hydraulic cylinders and so will be subject to wear and tear, shorten the life of various parts of the mechanical parts Also have their own life, if more than the use of the period, it will cause some damage to the machine and the product, so the use of hydraulic oil filter is still very important.

Hydraulic oil filter is the use of high-precision equipment, if the use of these devices in the metal particles, water, mechanical impurities will accelerate the corrosion rate, increase the mechanical wear rate, the efficiency will be reduced, the oil will Deterioration, the service life of the equipment will be reduced, serious will lead to production accidents, so any equipment need to have the presence of filters. If you use the oil filter overdue, it will cause the amount of oil due to clogging, the exhaust temperature is too high, shortening the use of oil and filter.

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