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How To Identify The Filter Element Is Good Or Bad

2017-08-30 Share:


How to identify the filter element is good or bad?

First, filter paper material

It is the material, that is, filter paper, if its filter paper quality is better, the filter quality is better, some of the filter paper is made of imported, the filter effect of these two filters are very good, but also poor quality Of the filter paper, so that the filter can not play the effect of filtering, it will make the engine damage, so when you buy the filter to pay attention to its filter paper quality, filter paper color is very consistent, the paper is very flat, if Is false filter paper, its color is inconsistent, looks very bad texture,

Second, filter colloid

Filter glue is good or bad, the quality of the glue is also good and the quality of the filter, the glue is very good filter, its flexibility is great, poor quality filter, it is poor glue, if folded, Its crease is very prominent, but the high-quality filter, if folded, it can quickly restore the original state, there is no prominent crease.