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  3. Hydrogen Peroxide Filter Element

Hydrogen Peroxide Filter Element

Media: Stainless Steel
End Caps: Stainless Steel
OD: 167mm
Length: 1525mm
Filtration Rate: 10μm

The Hydrogen Peroxide Filter Element is mainly used in the filtration of catalysts, working fluids, hydrogenation fluids, lye, etc. during the production of hydrogen peroxide, which can help the process to produce high-quality products. Due to its strong chemical activity, hydrogen peroxide has a weak acidic pH and is easy to chemically decompose other materials. Therefore, the hydrogen peroxide filter element is made of stainless steel as the filter material.The process is tightly sealed without leakage and has outstanding work stability.

Type Hydrogen Peroxide Filter Element
OD 167mm
Length 1525mm
Filtration Rate 10μm
Media Stainless Steel
Features and Benefits:


All-Stainless Steel Construction (316, 304, 310s, …Etc.)

High Temperature; Corrosive And Oxidation Resistant

Porous Depth Filtration Media

Along lifespan with excellent re-using properties.

Customized Dimension According To Application




Suitable for use in Petrochemical Processes, Chemical Processing, Gas Filtration, Food-Beverage Filtration.



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