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PP Pleated Cartridge Filter

Type: PP Pleated Cartridge Filter
OD: Custom Made
Length: Custom Made
Filtration rate: 0.01um

PP Pleated Cartridge Filter are made of Polypropylene fiber media. PP pleated cartridge filters provide excellent filtration efficiency and chemical compatibility across a wide range of liquid filtration process applications.PP pleated filter cartridge have large surface area that allows greater system flow rate and higher dirt holding capacity than depth filters. PP pleated cartridge are widely used in prefiltration field requiring high purity.

Product PP Pleated Cartridge Filter
Max.working Temp.: 1Bar 80℃
Out Diameter Custom made
Length Custom made
Filtration rate 0.01um
Features and Benefits:


Polypropylene pleated cartridges are strict-election materials according to FDA standard
PP pleated cartridges are with low pressure drop, high capacity of impurities and long service life
PP pleated cartridge filters are manufactured in clean room, maintaning high cleaning environment
Ulti-layer structure, good filtration efficiency and consistent performance for broad application range
The components of PP pleated filters are assembled in fully sealed condition by thermal bond, free of binders



Pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of antibiotics and other liquid pre-filtration
Food and beverage industry: alcohol, mineral water, drinking water filtration
Oil industry: oil field water filtration
The electronics industry: high purity water pre-filtration
Chemical industry: variety of organic solvents, acid, lye filtration


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