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Melt Blown Water Filters

Type: Cartridge
Media: PP
Operating temperature: 88℃
Length: 2.5",5",10",20",30",40"
Filtration rate: 0.2、0.45、1、3、5、 10、30、60

Melt blown filter element particles using polypropylene as raw material, through the heating and melting, spinning, traction, accepting the formation of tubular filters.PP filter element is a uniform pore size, outer thinning dense deep bed filtration in structure, with high filtration efficiency, excellent characteristics such as corrosion-resistant. Could effectively remove suspended in a liquid substance, impurities such as rust particles, iron.

Product Melt Blown Water Filters
Media PP
Length 10inch
Filtration rate 0.2、0.45、1、3、5、 10、30、60um
Features and Benefits:


100% pure polypropylene construction

Wide chemical compatibility

Higher dirt holding capacity

Low pressure drop



RO pre-filtration, DI water, makeup water,Bottled water, potable water, municipal water Juices, flavors, food and beverage, cosmetics,produced water, brine fluids.


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