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Swimming Pool Filter Element

Type: Swimming Pool Filter Element
End Cap: PU
Dimension: 255*790
Filtering Layer: Non-woven fabric
Condition: New

The swimming pool filter element is made of polyester fiber cloth filter material, which has durable performance. The filter medium, center rod, and end cover are glued together as a whole to ensure better sealing of the end cover. Due to its foldable design, it provides a larger filtration surface area compared to other filter elements, has a longer filtration life, reduces the number of filter element updates, and reduces filtration costs.

Type Swimming Pool Filter Element
Dimension 255*790
Filtering Layer Non-woven fabric
End Caps PU
Function Make pool water clean
Features and Benefits:

Pleated surface area results in great filtration area,providing longer service life and more competitive

Fewer change outs and less maintenance are reequired.

Manufactured by high quality polymer media, the cartridges exhibit highly effective retention efficiency and reusable convenience.

Available in a variety of length to meet diffent needs and equirement requiremetns.



1.General water and ROtreatment.
2.Acid-base liquid in chemical processing.
3.Industrial chemicalsand organic solvents.
4.Processing of sterile water and ultrapure water.
5.Industrial water and plating liquid.



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