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Swimming Pool Cartridge Water Filter

Type: Swimming Pool Cartridge Water Filter
Media: Polyester
Length: 650mm
OD: 320mm
Custom made: Available

Because made of polyester fiber cloth, high tensile strength.Filter media, the center rod, the end cover as an integral part of gluing together, to ensure better sealing cover, because of its folding design, provides a larger filter area,extend the filter, life, reduce the number of replacement of the filter element, to reduce the cost of filtration, from the view of industrial value is a kind of economical filtration products.

Product Swimming Pool Cartridge Water Filter
Media Polyester
Length 650mm
OD 320mm
Filtration Rate 1μ-50μ
Custom made Available
Features and Benefits:


High water flow means less shells, low turnover rate and larger sewage capacity

High water flow accepts smaller out shell and less expenditure

The design of no-inner-core reduces the cost of noise treatment

It is much faster, easier and safer for renewal with the handmade design

The Swimming Pool Sand Filter can be used in both aqueous and none-aqueous medium by using the material of PET

The large pleated area can reduce much pressure than other filter elements do and gain the longer working life




General water and ROtreatment.
Food and beverage.
Acid-base liquid in chemical processing.
Industrial chemicalsand organic solvents.
Processing of sterile water and ultrapure water.
Industrial water and plating liquid.



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