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Pool Water Filter Cartridge

Type: Pool Water Filter Cartridge
Media: Polyester, Paper
Length: 215mm
OD: 195mm
End Caps: PU / Plastic

Pool Water Filter Cartridge is made of high quality pleated polyester media.filter media,center core,end caps are glued together as a whole part to ensure the end cover sealing better.the single or double layers folding design provides larger filtration area,longer service life,reducing the filter change times and filtration is an economical and practical filtration product.

Type Pool Water Filter Cartridge
Length 215mm
OD 195mm
End Caps PU / Plastic
Core PP
Filtration rate 1,5,19,20,50
Max Temperature >40℃
Features and Benefits:


Pleated design maximizes dirt-holding filtration area.
Low pressure differ,high flow and long service life.
Washable annd reusable,save cost.




Circulating water filtration for pool,spa.
Pre-filtration of RO and general water filtration.
Industrial water,plating solution,chemical raw material,organic solvent



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