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Pleated Water Filter Element

Type: Pleated Water Filter Element
Media: pleated cellulose
Length: 750mm
OD: 146mm
End Caps: PU / Plastic

Pleated Water Filter Element are manufactured from a pleated cellulose media and are designed for general water filtration purposes.the media is pleated around a polypropylene core for added strength.

Type Pleated Water Filter Element
Length 750mm
OD 146mm
End Caps PU / Plastic
Media pleated cellulose
Filtration rate 1,5,19,20,50
Max Temperature >40℃
Features and Benefits:

1 Large filter surfaces.

2 Low pressure drop.

3 High dirt-holding capacities.

4 Long service life.

5 Durable and reliable.



General water and ROtreatment.
2.Food and beverage.
3.Acid-base liquid in chemical processing.
4.Industrial chemicalsand organic solvents.
5.Processing of sterile water and ultrapure water.
6.Industrial water and plating liquid.



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