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Multi-Media Pool Water Filter

Type: Multi-Media Pool Water Filter
Media: Polyester
Length: 650mm
OD: 320mm
Custom made: Available

The multi-media pool water filter uses two or more media as the filter media of the filter layer. In the industrial circulating water treatment system, it is used to remove impurities in the sewage, adsorb oil, etc., so that the water quality meets the requirements of recycling. Generally used for pretreatment of domestic water, industrial water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, etc.

Product Multi-Media Pool Water Filter
Media Polyester
Length 650mm
OD 320mm
Filtration Rate 1μ-50μ
Custom made Available
Features and Benefits:


The filter material used in the multi-media pool water filter must have sufficient mechanical strength to avoid wear and breakage during the backwashing process; chemical stability is good; it does not contain harmful and toxic substances to human health, and does not contain harmful to production. The substances that affect production; the selection of filter materials should use filter materials with high adsorption capacity, large interception capacity, high water production and good effluent quality.


circulating water in the swimming pool:


Specifically: countercurrent, downstream, and hybrid.


Countercurrent is the circulation of water filtered and sterilized from the bottom of the pool, from the overflow troughs on both sides of the long end of the pool to the balance tank and into the circulation system. Generally speaking, the outlet diameter of the bottom of the pool is 40-50 ram, and the spacing is 3×2.5 m. Since the water outlet is at the bottom, the water moves upward from the bottom, and the sediment at the bottom of the pool and the float floating on the water surface are easy. As the water moves, it is discharged from the overflowing rafts on both sides; there is almost no dead angle, and the three-dimensional cycle is reached. In recent years, most of the newly built swimming pools have adopted this kind of circulation, such as the 1996 Barcelona Olympic Games, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Swimming Competition Water Cube, and the Chinese Disabled Swimming Training Hall. It is a countercurrent loop.


The downstream inlet and outlet are located on both sides of the short side of the pool, one side is water, the other side is water. The diameter of the inlet and outlet is generally 70-80mm. The circulation pump draws water from the outlet side into the equalization tank, and then enters the filtration and disinfection system from the equalization tank. After filtering and disinfecting, it enters the pool from the inlet side. . The advantage of this type of circulation is that it saves piping and the circulation system is simple. The disadvantage is that the sediment in the water and the floating surface of the water are not easily discharged, and there is a part of the dead water area. Most of the older swimming pools and outdoor swimming pools used this cycle.



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