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Water Filter

Types: Water Filter
Filter Media: Polypropylene(PP),Stainless steel,Paper
Length: Custom Made
End Caps: PU,Stainless steel,Plastic
Center Core: Central PP Core

Water Filter Cartridge are used for RO Pre-filtration. Distinguish from ordinary high flow water filters outer cage, The thicker and harder outer cage can withstand higher water pressure, thus ensuring better integrity. In addition,central PP core could be added according to your requirements.

Types Water Filter
Filter Media Polypropylene(PP),Stainless steel,Paper
End Caps PU,Stainless steel,Plastic
Center Core(60” length only)
Central PP Core
Cartridge Length Custom made



Process Waters

Pre-RO Filtration

Machine Coolants

Boiler Condensate

Petroleum Chemical Industry

Injection & Produced Waters

Ground/Reclaimed/Waste Waters




Water filter cartridges are designed as multi-layer membrane structure, keeping higher effective filtration area, higher dirt holding capacity and longer service life than single-layer membrane. Better pressure resistance and stronger connection are realized by the application of Advanced infrared ray ultra high temp thermal welding technology. In a word, the high flow water filter cartridges meet different needs and have many advantages for high pressure as well as high flow filtration systems.


  • Cartridges produced in a controlled environment.
  • Manufactured according to CE and ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management system.

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