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  3. Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Filter

Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Filter

Type: Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Filter
Material: Stainless Steel Sintered Mesh
Length: Custom Made
Diameter: Custom Made
Condition: New

The filter element is customized according to the size required by the customer, and its main medium is stainless steel sintered mesh.Filter rating is from 1 to 200 micron.

Type Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Filter
Material Stainless Steel Sintered Mesh
Length Custom Made
Diameter Custom Made
Condition New


1) High strength: After sintering with five layers of wire mesh, it has extremely high mechanical strength and compressive strength;


2) Good corrosion resistance


3) Heat resistant up to 350℃


4) Easy cleaning, especially bak washing owing to the surface.





1) Used as a dispersed cooling material in high-temperature environments;


2) Used for gas distribution, liquid bed orifice material;


3) Used for high-precision, highly reliable high-temperature filtering materials;


4) Used for high-pressure backwash oil filters.

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