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SS Sintered Disk Filter

Type: SS Sintered Disk Filter
Material: Sintered wire mesh
Diameter: 200-300mm
Thickness: 1.2-1.7mm
Filtration rate: 0.5-200μm

SS Sintered Disk Filter is a kind of the most widely used network standard sintered’s layered by strengthening layer,strengthning layer ,distributary layer,control layer and protect layer together.the sintered sheet is made by sintered in vacuum,pressure and rolling’s with high strength,steady filter rating,good perforation,easy cleaning,easy molding and other advantages to filter unparlleled.

Type SS Sintered Disk Filter
Material sintered wire mesh
Diameter 200-300mm
Thickness 1.2-1.7mm
Filtration direction inside to outside
Filtration rate 0.5-200μm
Features and Benefits:


High strength,high precision,heat resistance,cleaning,pressure resistance,good ventilation,corrosion resistance.




Filtration of polymer
Production of film
Purification of petroleum chemistry



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