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  2. Sintered Metal Powder Filter

Sintered Metal Powder Filter

Type: Sintered metal powder filter
Material: Sintered metal powder
Length: 60mm
Diameter: 40mm
Filtration rate: 25-80

Sintered metal powder filter can be made from any metallurgical material produced as a powder.shape,size and distribution of the powder particles are important parameters that affect the final properties of the sample according to the clients quest.

Type Sintered metal powder filter
Material Sintered metal powder
Length 60mm
Diameter 40mm
Working temperature -20-60
Filtration rate 25-80
Features and Benefits:


Shape stability,especial for high differential pressures
High heat resistance
Desined permeability
Backflushing and easy cleaning
Weldable and machinable




Petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical, coal chemical industry, food and beverage, nuclear power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and other industries


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