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Sintered Filter Cartridge

Type: Sintered filter
Media: Sintered mesh
OD: Customized
Length: Customized

Sintered filter cartridge is made from multiple layers of woven wire mesh panel together using a sintering process. This process combines heat and pressure to permanently bond multi-layers of mesh together. The same physical process used to fuse individual wires together within a layer of wire mesh is also be used to fuse adjacent layers of mesh together. The general filter rating are from 0.2um to 200um, working temperature from -200°C to 1000°C.

Type Sintered Filter Cartridge
OD Customized
Length Customized
Media Sintered mesh
Features and Benefits:


Available in all standard viarents of stainless steel
Quick replacement
Good permeability
High pressure resistance
Broad range of pore size


    1. Petrochemical: Rectisol process (solid-liquid separation), etc;
    2. Coal chemical: Raw oil filtration, dust collector filter, etc;
    3. Shipping industry: Ballast water treatment;
    4. Aviation industry: Hydraulic oil filtration;
    5. Metallurgical equipments: Fluidizing plate/tank.

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