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Sintered Felt Filter

Type: Sintered Felt Filter
Material: Stainless Steel Sintered
Length: customize
Diameter: customize
Filtration rate: 2,5,10,15,20,30,40,75

Stainless steel sintered felt filter core is mainly made of stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel woven mesh by folding process. Stainless steel fiber sintered felt can be made into multi-layer structure with coarse and fine pore diameter, high porosity and high dirt holding capacity. The stainless steel woven mesh is made of stainless steel wire of different diameters, and the filter element has the characteristics of good strength, not easy to fall off, easy to clean, high temperature resistance and economical use.

the main filter material is 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel fiber sintered felt and stainless steel woven mesh as the main filter medium. Stainless steel fiber sintered felt is a porous depth filter material made of stainless steel fiber sintered at high temperature; stainless steel weaving The net is woven from stainless steel wire.

Any size can be customized

Installation method:
1. When installing the insert filter, the O-ring should be wetted in the clean parallel filtrate to reduce the friction during insertion. It is required to insert the bottom to ensure that the two O-rings are sealed.

2. When installing the snap-in filter element, it is necessary to rotate the positioning clockwise.

3. If the filter has a pressure plate, press the pressure plate on the rocker and gently press the spring on the pressure plate. If the spring is too tight, the filter element will have distortion and affect the filtration accuracy.

4. When filtering the liquid, first open the exhaust switch on the outer casing, empty the gas in the filter cartridge, and let the liquid fill the filter cartridge, otherwise it will affect the flow.

5. The fluid filter will have a pressure drop due to the resistance. In order to overcome the resistance, there must be enough working pressure. In order not to cause the filter element to be subjected to a large flow, the valve should be slow.
Features and Benefits:


1. Stainless steel precision filter has high porosity, good gas permeability, low resistance and low pressure difference;

2. After the stainless steel precision filter element is folded, the filtering area is large and the amount of dirt is large;

3, stainless steel precision filter core is resistant to high temperature, corrosion resistance, suitable for high viscosity liquid filtration;

4, good regeneration performance, can be used repeatedly by chemical cleaning, high temperature and ultrasonic cleaning;

all stainless steel structure, wide chemical compatibility;


The main technical parameters:


1, stainless steel precision filter core maximum working temperature: ≤ 500 ° C

2, filtration accuracy: 1-200um

3, working temperature: 0.1-30MPa

4, filter element specifications: 5-40 inches (can be made according to user requirements)

5, interface form: threaded interface, 222, 226, 220, etc.



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