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  3. Resin Filter Cartridge 165x833.5

Resin Filter Cartridge 165x833.5

Type: Resin Filter Cartridge
Dimension: 165x833.5
Filter layer: Resin
Dimension: Standard/Customized
Package: Carton

With its unique resin filter material, the 165x833.5 cartridge is able to effectively capture and remove impurities from a variety of liquids, including acids, alkalines, and organic solvents. Featuring a large surface area and high dirt-holding capacity, this cartridge is able to provide consistent and long-lasting filtration performance.

Type Resin filter element
Dimension 165x833.5
Filter layer Resin
Package Carton
Sealing ring NBR
Working temperature 0~110℃



1. It has a good adsorption effect on organic matter;


2. Can make the filtered liquid decolorize, clear, and transparent;


3. Can filter particles and impurities;


4. Has a good odor removal effect;


5. Can remove residual chlorine from water.











  1. Used for hard water softening, desalination, rare element antibiotic extraction from pure water, and antibiotic extraction. Preparation of pure water, separation and purification of antibiotics, and extraction of radioactive elements.


2. Water supply plants, sewage treatment plants, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, hospitals, etc



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