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  3. Powder Sintered Filters Cartridge

Powder Sintered Filters Cartridge

Type: Powder Sintered Filters Cartridge
Material: Powder Sintered
Length: Custom Made
Diameter: Custom Made
Filtration rate: 2,5,10,15,20,30,40,75

The Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge is a filter element that has undergone the process of sintering.Compared to other types of filter materials,such as glass fiber,stainless steel wire mesh,ceramics,filter paper,the sintered metal filters have higher mechanical and compressive strength.

Type Powder Sintered Filters Cartridge
Material Powder Sintered
Length Custom Made
Diameter Custom Made
Filtration rate Custom made


High pressure resistance, withstand capacity and low pressure drop.

Back flushing and cleanable for long service life.

Strong corrosion resistant for wide chemical compatibility.

High permeability, no media migration.

Customized dimension are welcome.


Powder Sintering Metal Filter Element is usedful for polymer prodcution as well as variety of fluid and air filtration applications.

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