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  2. Huahang Fiberglass Sintered Filter Element
  3. Huahang Fiberglass Sintered Filter Element

Fiberglass Sintered Filter Element

Type: Huahang Fiberglass Sintered Filter Element
Material: Fiberglass
Dimension: 25*37*178
Inner Skeleton: Carbon Steel
Precision: 0.01μm

Glass fiber sintered filter element has high precision, resistance to low temperature and high temperature, and corrosion. In practical applications, it can complete oil removal, water removal, and dust removal in one go. It is an ideal product to replace imported pneumatic machinery, environmental protection machinery, online testing instruments, pneumatic components, and other front-end air source treatment.

Type Huahang Fiberglass Sintered Filter Element
Material Fiberglass
Dimension 25*37*178
Condition New


High strength and durability since high temperature sintering


Anti-corrosion and heat resistance up to 600°C


Steady filter rating from the 1 micron to 8000 microns


Widely used for uniform filtration in high pressure or high viscosity environment




1) Polyester oil products


2) Chemical industrial products


3) Pharmaceutics


4) Water and gas

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