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  2. Glass Fiber Sintering Filter Cartridge
  3. Glass Fiber Sintering Filter Cartridge

Glass Fiber Sintering Filter Cartridge

Type: Glass Fiber Sintering Filter Cartridge
Material: Fiberglass
Length: Custom Made
Diameter: Custom Made
Condition: New

It is the addition of other chemical additives in the glass fiber solution to control the appropriate sintering temperature, speed, pressure and other processes, making it firmly bonded, resulting in a smooth and hydrophobic surface. Dust cannot adhere to the surface of the filter material, making it superior to ordinary glass fiber filter materials in terms of bending resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature and humidity resistance, bending resistance, and strength, And it can greatly extend its service life. Suitable for high temperature, high humidity, high viscosity dust industries, industrial smoke purification with acidic, alkaline, corrosive chemical gases, and other harsh working conditions.

Type Glass Fiber Sintering Filter Cartridge
Material Fiberglass
Length Custom Made
Diameter Custom Made
Condition New


High strength and durability since high temperature sintering


Anti-corrosion and heat resistance up to 600°C


Steady filter rating from the 1 micron to 8000 microns


Widely used for uniform filtration in high pressure or high viscosity environment




1) Used as a dispersed cooling material in high-temperature environments;


2) Used for gas distribution, liquid bed orifice material;


3) Used for high-precision, highly reliable high-temperature filtering materials;


4) Used for high-pressure backwash oil filters.

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