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  3. Customized Sintered Filter Cartridge

Customized Sintered Filter Cartridge

Type: Customized Sintered Filter Cartridge
Material: Sintered Mesh
Length: Custom Made
Diameter: Custom Made
Condition: New

It is a new type of filter material that is made of multi-layer metal sintered mesh, specially laminated stainless steel mesh, and vacuum sintered, with high strength and overall rigidity.

Type Customized Sintered Filter Cartridge
Material Sintered Mesh
Length Custom Made
Diameter Custom Made
Condition New


1) High strength: After sintering with five layers of wire mesh, it has extremely high mechanical strength and compressive strength;


2) High precision: It can achieve uniform surface filtration performance with a filtration particle size of 2-200um;


3) Heat resistance: can withstand continuous filtration from -200 ℃ to up to 650 ℃;


4) Cleanability: Due to the surface filtration structure with excellent countercurrent cleaning effect, the cleaning is simple.





1) Used as a dispersed cooling material in high-temperature environments;


2) Used for gas distribution, liquid bed orifice material;


3) Used for high-precision, highly reliable high-temperature filtering materials;


4) Used for high-pressure backwash oil filters.

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