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  2. Replace Taisei Filter P-T-351-A-03.04-150W
  3. Replace Taisei Filter P-T-351-A-03.04-150W

Replace Taisei Filter P-T-351-A-03.04-150W

Type: Replace Taisei Filter
Filter Layerr:  Stainless Steel Mesh
End Cover:  Carbon Steel
Sealing Ring: NBR
Part Number: P-T-351-A-03.04-150W

Replace Taisei filter P-T-351-A-03.04-150W is mainly used in hydraulic systems to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, effectively controlling the pollution level of the working medium. Widely used in fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, electronics, power, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, atomic energy, nuclear industry, natural gas, refractory materials, fire protection equipment, etc.

Product Replace Taisei Filter P-T-351-A-03.04-150W
Part Number P-T-351-A-03.04-150W
Filter Layer Stainless steel mesh
End Cover Carbon Steel
Sealing Ring NBR

The Taisei Kogyo oil filter element has the functions of convenient sewage discharge, large circulation area, small pressure loss, simple structure, small volume, light weight, uniform filter material and so on.


Electronics and Pharmaceutical
Thermal power and nuclear power
Mechanical processing equipment

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