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  2. Replace Oil Filter Element HC8314FKP39H
  3. Replace Oil Filter Element HC8314FKP39H

Replace Oil Filter Element HC8314FKP39H

Part number: Replace Oil Filter Element HC8314FKP39H
Media: Glass fiber
Efficiency: 4μm
Out Diameter: 152mm
Length: 927mm

99.9% of the contamination that passes through the filter element is captured and retained, at the specified micron level. This ability to capture and retain contamination will extend the life of your hydraulic fluid and equipment, while reducing unscheduled down-time.

Part number Replace Oil Filter Element HC8314FKP39H
Type Cartridge
Media Glass fiber
End caps PP
Out Diameter 152mm
Length 927mm
Efficiency 4μm
Pressure 10bar
To be installed in the suction line of the pumps of hydraulic systems resp.
HC8200FDS16H     HC8200FUS16Z

HC8300FKT26Z     HC8300FDS39Z

HC8200FDT16H    HC8200FUT16Z

HC8300FKZ39Z     HC8300FDT39Z

HC8200FDP8Z      HC8300FKZ8H

HC8300FKP39Z    HC8300FUP8H

HC8200FDN8Z      HC8300FKP8H

HC8300FKN39Z    HC8300FUN8H

HC8200FDS8Z      HC8300FKN8H

HC8300FKS39Z    HC8300FUS8H

HC8200FDT8Z      HC8300FKS8H

HC8300FKT39Z    HC8300FUT8H

HC8200FDP13Z    HC8300FKT8H

HC8300FDP8H      HC8300FUP16H

HC8200FDN13Z    HC8300FKZ16H

HC8300FDN8H HC8300FUN16H

HC8200FDS13Z HC8300FKP16H

HC8300FDS8H HC8300FUS16H

HC8200FDT13Z HC8300FKN16H

HC8300FDT8H HC8300FUT16H

HC8200FDP16Z HC8300FKS16H

HC8300FDP16H HC8300FUP26H

HC8200FDN16Z HC8300FKT16H

HC8300FDN16H HC8300FUN26H

HC8200FDS16Z HC8300FKZ26H

HC8300FDS16H HC8300FUS26H

HC8200FDT16Z HC8300FKP26H

HC8300FDT16H HC8300FUT26H

HC8200FUP8H HC8300FKN26H

HC8300FDP26H HC8300FUP39H

HC8200FUN8H HC8300FKS26H

HC8300FDN26H HC8300FUN39H

HC8200FUS8H HC8300FKT26H

HC8300FDS26H HC8300FUS39H

HC8200FUT8H HC8300FKZ39H

HC8300FDT26H HC8300FUT39H
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