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  2. Replace Mp Filtri Hydraulic Filter RTE80D10B
  3. Replace Mp Filtri Hydraulic Filter RTE80D10B

Replace Mp Filtri Hydraulic Filter RTE80D10B

Type: Replace Mp Filtri Hydraulic Filter RTE80D10B
Efficency: 10μm
Pressure: 3bar
Out Diameter:  130mm
Length: 204mm

For Mp Filtri Hydraulic Filter RTE80D10B, we offers wire mesh filtration, paper filtration and microfiber filtration ways to control your oil cleanliness level. Based on installed place in hydraulic system, working pressure, working temperature, pressure drop…, we will recommend totally different filtration efficiency and hydraulic filter element types for you.

Product Replace Mp Filtri Hydraulic Filter RTE80D10B
Efficency 10μm
Pressure 3bar
Out Diameter 130mm
Length 204mm


Electronics and Pharmaceuticals
Mechanical processing equipment
Railway internal combustion engine and generator
Thermal power and nuclear power



High filtration efficiency, high filtration precision and low cost.
Filtration range of 1μ-100μ, has a reliable filter performance.
High strength, even if the liquid strong erosion, strong vibration, the fiber does not fall off
Custom sizes & designs are available

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