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  2. 10 micron Replace MP Filtri Oil Filter Element
  3. 10 micron Replace MP Filtri Oil Filter Element

10 micron Replace MP Filtri Oil Filter Element

Type: 10 micron Replace MP Filtri Oil Filter Element
Efficency: 10μm
Pressure: 3bar
Out Diameter:  70mm
Length: 219.5mm

The hydraulic oil filter is used in various oil systems to filter out solid impurities generated during external mixing or system operation. It is mainly installed on the oil suction path, pressure oil path, return oil pipeline, bypass, and separate filtration system in the system.

Product 10 micron Replace MP Filtri Oil Filter Element
Efficency 10μm
Pressure 3bar
Out Diameter 70mm
Length 219.5mm


Electronics and Pharmaceuticals
Mechanical processing equipment
Railway internal combustion engine and generator
Thermal power and nuclear power



We use imported depthype filter material,tapered pore structure,gradient filter,can intercept granule furthest, to extend the service life.
We use hightech support materials.Hightech support materials can not only play the role of support filter, material and avoiding compressive deformation,but also protect the materials from being damaged during processing.
We also use the special spiral wrapping belts,so thar filter layers can be connected firmly.Stationary pleated distance ensures the uniform flow when fluid penetrating the filter layer.Not only improving pressure drop,but also extending service life.

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