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  2. Mahle Oil Filter Element PI23006RNSMX10
  3. Mahle Oil Filter Element PI23006RNSMX10

Mahle Oil Filter Element PI23006RNSMX10

Part Number: PI23006RNSMX10
Type: Mahle Oil Filter Element
Out Diameter:  47mm
Height:  160mm
Micron: 10

In the hydraulic system, equivalent Mahle Oil Filter used to filter out solid particles in the working medium and the colloidal material, effective control of pollution caused by the working medium.

Product Equivalent Mahle Oil Filter Element
Part Number PI23006RNSMX10
Type Mahle Oil Filter Element
Out Diameter 47mm
Length 160mm
Micron 10
Media Fiberglass
The Word on Quality:

All of our filter elements carry ISO Standards & CE Standards, and we fully guarantee all of our products.


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Mahle PI 13006 RN MIC 10 NBR;ID-NR:77925019
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Mahle PI 13025 RN MIC 10
Mahle PI 15010 RN 796.223.6
Mahle Pi 1560/10-068+ 852 761 SM N2
Mahle Pi 1560/10-068+852761SM-X10
Mahle Pi 1560/10-068+852761SM-X25
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Mahle PI 2005-046 77736929
Mahle PI 2005-046(not included filter element)
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Mahle PI 21100 RN SMX 3 NBR
Mahle PI 2115 SMX3

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