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  2. Replace Hydac Oil Filter 0850R010BN4HC
  3. Replace Hydac Oil Filter 0850R010BN4HC

Replace Hydac Oil Filter 0850R010BN4HC

Part Number: 0850R010BN4HC
Type: Cartridge
Media: Fiberglass
OD: 114 mm
Height 412 mm

Hydac hydraulic oil filter is used to protect certain components in the hydraulic system and is installed upstream of the components to be protected in the medium pressure pipeline to filter out solid particles and gel-like substances in the working medium and effectively control the degree of contamination of the working medium.and make the components work properly

Type Cartridge
Part Number 0850R010BN4HC
OD 114mm
Height 412mm
Media Fiberglass
End caps plastic

This filter element can be used for filtering hydraulic fluid, water glycols, diesel, machining fluids, lubricating oil, coolants, gasoline, process fluids, turbine and compressor lube oils, synthetic lubricants, and many more chemicals

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Hydac 0660R003BN

Hydac 0660R003BN-V
Hydac 0660R003BN3
Hydac 0660R003BN3-V
Hydac 0660R003BN3HC
Hydac 0660R003BN3HC-B6
Hydac 0660R003BN3HC-KB
Hydac 0660R003BN3HC-S0105
Hydac 0660R003BN3HC-S062
Hydac 0660R003BN3HC-V
Hydac 0660R003BN3HC-V-KB
Hydac 0660R003BN3HC-V-S0105
Hydac 0660R003BN3HC-V-S062
Hydac 0660R003BN4HC
Hydac 0660R003BN4HC-B6

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