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  2. HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter 0110Rx20BNHC
  3. HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter 0110Rx20BNHC

HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter 0110Rx20BNHC

Part Number: 0110Rx20BNHC
Type: HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter
Media: Glassfiber
OD: 44.5 mm
Height 170.5 mm

In the hydraulic system, equivalent 10 Micron HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter used to filtration the working medium of solid particles and glue bindling substances, effective control of the working medium degree of contamination.

Type HYDAC Hydraulic Oil Filter
Part Number 0110Rx20BNHC
OD 44.5mm
Height 170.5mm
Media Glassfiber

High contamination retention capacity due to deep filtering which,results in a longer service life

Low flow resistance,Corrosion protection due to stainless steel filter material and tin-plated steel parts

General purpose sealing
Petroleum oils and fluids
Cold Water
Silicone greases and oils
Di-ester base lubricants
Ethylene glycol base fluids
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