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  2. Coalescing Filter Element HC628-01-CSP
  3. Coalescing Filter Element HC628-01-CSP

Hilco Coalescing Filter Element HC628-01-CSP

Part Number: Hilco Coalescing Filter Element HC628-01-CSP
Media: Fiberglass
End caps: Galvanized
Out Diameter: 155mm
Length: 735mm

Replace Hilco Filter HC628-01 is made of a variety of composite materials processed by a special process and has hydrophilic properties. It can not only filter out mechanical impurities in the medium, but also can demulsify and agglomerate to make the emulsified water from the medium. Separated and coalesced into larger droplets to facilitate the further purification of the media.

Product Coalescing Filter
Part number Hilco Coalescing Filter Element HC628-01-CSP
Media Fiberglass
End caps Galvanized
Out Diameter 155mm
Length 735mm
Micron 10
How to work:
The fibers of the middle layer capture the fine liquid droplets suspended in the gas and cause the droplets to run together and form large droplets with the depth of the filter. These large droplets emerge on the outer surface of the coalescer and drain by gravity to the lower collection chamber. The clean gas passes from the coalescer elements and exits through the vessel outlet



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