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  2. Donaldson Hydraulic Oil Filter Element P173042
  3. Donaldson Hydraulic Oil Filter Element P173042

Donaldson Hydraulic Oil Filter Element P173042

Part Number: P173042
Media: Fiberglass
Filtration rate: 60μm
Out Diameter: 93mm
Length: 200mm

The hydraulic filter is a component within a hydraulic system that removes damaging particulates by forcing hydraulic fluid through a porous filter element. The filter element catches contaminants and prevents them from re-entering the fluid flow and damaging other pieces of equipment further downstream. Contaminants range from dirt to water and reactive chemicals. Their size is on a scale of micrometers, meaning hydraulic filters must be properly sized to filter out even the smallest of particles.

Part number Donaldson Hydraulic Oil Filter Element P173042
Media Fiberglass
Filtration rate 60μm
Out Diameter 93mm
Length 200mm
Alkali resistant
High temperature resistance



Petroleum, power, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, machinery, textile and other industries



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