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TF Tank Mounted Suction Filter Series

Type: TF Tank Mounted Suction Filter
Flow(L/min): 160
Filtration rate(μm): 80,100,180
Dia(mm): 40
Weight(kg): 1.75

The TF-series filter can be installed on the top,at the side or in the bottom of the tank there is a check valve inside the filter.during maintenance,when filter element is withdrawn for washing,the check valve will close automatically to stop oil flowing out from the tank.
A vacuum indicator in the filter gives signals when the pressure drop across the element reaches 0.018MPa showing that the filter shall be cleaned,if no maintenance is done,as the pressure drop rises to 0.02MPa,the by-pass valve will open to allow oil flowing into pump.

Type TF Tank Mounted Suction Filter
Flow(L/min) 160
Filtration rate(μm) 80,100,180
Weight(kg) 1.75
Model Flow(L/min) Filtration rate(μm) Dia(mm) connectig Weight(Kg) Model of element
Tf-25×*L-Y/C 25 80,100,180 15 Thread 0.4 TFX-25×*
Tf-40×*L-Y/C 40 80,100,180 20 Thread 0.45 TFX-40×*
Tf-63×*L-Y/C 63 80,100,180 25 Thread 0.82 TFX-63×*
Tf-100×*L-Y/C 100 80,100,180 32 Thread 0.87 TFX-100×*
Tf-160×*L-Y/C 160 80,100,180 40 Thread 1.75 TFX-160×*
Tf-250×*L-Y/C 250 80,100,180 50 Flange 2.60 TFX-250×*
Tf-400×*L-Y/C 400 80,100,180 65 Flange 4.3 TFX-400×*
Tf-630×*L-Y/C 630 80,100,180 90 Flange 6.2 TFX-630×*
Tf-800×*L-Y/C 800 80,100,180 90 Flange 6.9 TFX-800×*
Tf-1000×*L-Y/C 1000 80,100,180 90 Flange 8 TFX-1000×*
Tf-1300×*L-Y/C 1300 80,100,180 90 Flange 10.4 TFX-1300×*
Easy to install and connect,Simplify system lines.
Set self sealing valve,It is convenient to replace and clean the filter.
With filter core pollution sender and oil passage valve,Improve the reliability of the hydraulic system.
Main Replacement Filters:

All of our filter elements carry ISO Standards & CE Standards, and we fully guarantee all of our products. 


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