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  2. Huahang Suction Oil Filter Cartridge
  3. Huahang Suction Oil Filter Cartridge

Huahang Suction Oil Filter Cartridge

Types: Huahang Suction Oil Filter Cartridge
Media: Stainless Steel
End Caps: Carbon Steel
Dimension: 18*64*145
Skeleton: Carbon steel punched plate

The oil suction filter element is used to protect specific components in the hydraulic system. It is installed upstream of the components that need to be protected in the medium pressure pipeline to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, effectively control the pollution level of the working medium, and ensure the normal operation of the components.

Product Huahang Suction Oil Filter Cartridge
Skeleton Carbon steel punched plate
Media Stainless steel
End Caps Carbon steel
Dimension 18*64*145
Features and Benefits:


Protection against malfunction: By full-flow filtration in the suction line, particularly the pumps are protected from coarse dirt particles that have remained in the system after manufacture or repair, or enter the system when it is filled with oil.



Metallurgy,petrifaction, spinning, electron & pharmacy, power generation & nuclear power,machining equipment, train internal-combustion engine generator, auto engine & engineering machinery and so on.

This is not a stock part. We custom manufacture all of our suction oil filter element and strainers to fit the needs of our clients. If you are interested in a part similar to this, or would like to tell us about your specific filter or strainer needs, contact us at


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