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  2. Return Line Oil Purifier ZU-A10-10
  3. Return Line Oil Purifier ZU-A10-10

Return Line Oil Purifier ZU-A10-10

Type: Return Line Oil Purifier ZU-A10-10
Pressure class: 1.6Mpa
Flow Rate: 160l/min
Filtration accuracy(micron): 10,20,30,40,50,60
Size: Custom Made

The return line filter is installed at the hydraulic system return line to filter out the metal powder and rubber impurities worn by the components in the oil to keep the oil flowing back into the tank clean. The filter element of the filter adopts chemical fiber filter material, and has the advantages of high filtration precision, large oil passage capacity, small original pressure loss, large amount of dirt absorption, and the like, and is equipped with a differential pressure transmitter and a bypass valve.

1. The return line filter can keep enough flow capacity for a long time

2. The return line filter has sufficient strength and will not be damaged by the action of hydraulic pressure.

3. The return line filter meet the predetermined requirements.

4.The return line filter extremely convenient for replacement and cleaning.

5. The return line filter corrosion resistant and has excellent corrosion resistance.1. The return line filter can keep enough flow capacity for a long time
Technical parameter:

Maximum pressure difference: 1.6MPA

Filtration accuracy: 10-30

Material: carbon steel

Nominal flow: 10-330


Application field:

Mainly used in petroleum, chemical plants, steel plants, printing and dyeing plants, power plants, construction machinery parts, agricultural machinery parts, hydraulic machinery parts, coal, shipbuilding, military and other industrial fields.



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