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  2. Huahang High Pressure Filter HC30QB10C1.X
  3. Huahang High Pressure Filter HC30QB10C1.X

High Pressure Filter HC30QB10C1.X

Type: Huahang High Pressure Filter HC30QB10C1.X
Flow(L/min): Custom Made
Filtration rate(μm): Custom Made
Press(MPa): Custom Made
Power(V/W): Custom Made

Oil filter can be installed in the pressure line of hydraulic system with different pressure of high pressure type,and used in the pressure line of hydraulic can remove all the contaminants from the hydraulic system. The element of this series is made of glass fiber,it has high efficiency and filtration,large dirt capacity and low initial pressure drop.beta ratio is over 200.
The indicator will act when the pressure drop across element attains adjustable pressure.the element should be cleaned or changed in time.

Product:Huahang High Pressure Filter HC30QB10C1.X
Flow(L/min):Custom made
Filtration rate(μm):Custom made
Press(MPa):Custom made
Power(V/W):Custom made
Compared with the same flow rate filter, the structure is compact and the volume is small
Use a wide range of pressure
Easy to change filter cartridge
The filter is provided with a bypass valve and a pressure differential signaling device, and the double protection function is provided

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