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  2. Duplex Line Filter

Duplex Line Filter


The Duplex Line Filter is composed of two single bowl filter, two check valves, directional valve and indicator. It fit the middle and low pressure and low pressure hydraulic system. The feature of this filter allows continuous operation when changing clogged element. When the element is clogged element. When the element is clogged by contaminant, the indicator will give signals showing that the element should be changed. At this time turn the directional valve, the other filter will begin to work and then change the clogged element.


1 350 psi (24 bar) operating pressure

2 60 & 100 gpm (227 & 379 lpm) nominal flow rates

3 Elements available with ßx(c) ≥ 1000 Glas-Tech® media

4 Visual indicator

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