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Precision Air Filter Cartridge

Media: Oleophobic fiber
End Caps: Plastic
OD: Custom made
Length: Custom Made
Filtration Rate: Custom Made

The precision air filter cartridge is used in air compressor,A clean Inline filter can lead to improved air flow and prevents dirt and dust from entering the engine.

Product Precision Air Filter Cartridge
End Caps Plastic
Media Oleophobic fiber
Out Diameter Custom made
Length Custom made
Filtration Rate Custom made
Features and Benefits:


1. It is packaged with high-quality hollow fiber membrane filament materials, with high filling density and large water output;

2. Good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, and bacteria resistance.

3. High filtration accuracy, with a filtration aperture of 0.01 microns, which can ensure the safety of drinking water quality.

4. The product can realize automatic sewage discharge to ensure the stability of water quality and output.

5. The filter element does not need to be filled with protective liquid, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

6. Large dirt interception capacity, longer product life.




The apparatus removes moisture and particles in the form of tools, machinery, motors, cylinders, and a class of ultra high efficiency oil removal filters, or adsorption dryers.
Often used upstream of an adsorption dryer or downstream of a refrigeration dryer to ensure that the air used in the system is completely oil-free.


  • Cartridges produced in a controlled environment.
  • Manufactured according to CE and ISO Certified Quality Management system.

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