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Compressor Precision Filter Element

Media: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh/Glass Fiber/Filter Paper
Certification: ISO9001
OD: Customized
Length: Customized
Condition: New

Precision filter element is an efficient filtering element widely used in the field of liquid and gas filtration. It has a fine filtration pore size and efficient filtration ability, which can effectively remove small particles in liquids and particulate pollutants in gases.

Product Compressor Precision Filter Element
Certification ISO9001
Media Stainless Steel Wire Mesh/Glass Fiber/Filter Paper
Out Diameter Customized
Length Customized
Condition New
Features and Benefits:


Expanded inner and outer stainless steel sleeves for the secure hold of the filter medium - No danger of corrosion, large openings ensure low differential pressure drop and high throughput,reliable achievement of highest retention rate for oil and water aerosols as well as particles with lowest differential presssure




The apparatus removes moisture and particles in the form of tools, machinery, motors, cylinders, and a class of ultra high efficiency oil removal filters, or adsorption dryers.
Often used upstream of an adsorption dryer or downstream of a refrigeration dryer to ensure that the air used in the system is completely oil-free.


  • Cartridges produced in a controlled environment.
  • Manufactured according to CE and ISO Certified Quality Management system.

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