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Suction Oil Filter Element

Types: Suction Oil Filter Element
Media: Stainless Steel wire mesh
End Caps: Stainless Steel
OD: 67mm
Length: 159.5mm

The suction oil filter element is used for oil absorption filtration, filtering out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, and effectively controlling the pollution degree of the working medium. The oil absorption filter element filter material is made of stainless steel woven mesh or copper mesh, and can be repeatedly used for cleaning.

Product Suction Oil Filter Element
Media Stainless Steel wir mesh
End Caps Stainless Steel
OD 67mm


Features and Benefits:


The suction oil filter element is not easy to detach, has high precision, high filtration efficiency, wide chemical compatibility, and the filter core has a dense and uniform pore size.


Oil absorption filter performance use:


1. The oil suction filter is a coarse filter core, which is generally installed at the oil suction port of the oil pump to protect the oil pump from inhaling large mechanical impurities.

2. The oil absorption filter has a simple structure and a large resistance to oil passage.



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