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  2. Suction Oil Filter Element WF-70145-180-11-2G
  3. Suction Oil Filter Element WF-70145-180-11-2G

Suction Oil Filter Element WF-70145-180-11-2G

Types: Suction Oil Filter Element WF-70145-180-11-2G
Media: Fiberglass
End Caps: Galvanized / Nylon
Support Tubes: Galvanized
Micron: 180

The purpose of a suction filter screen is to protect the pump from large particles found in the reservoir. A filter screen is located on a suction port of the pump or attached to the suction pipe leading to the pump. Suction strainer elements should be inspected and cleaned regularly.

Product Suction Oil Filter Element WF-70145-180-11-2G
Types Cartridge
Media Fiberglass
End Caps Galvanized / Nylon
Support Tubes Galvanized
Micron 180

-25℃ to +110℃

Features and Benefits:


Low Cost Maintenance.

Compact & Lightweight.

Complex Structure, High Filtering Precision.

Large Dirt Holding Capacity, Long Service Life Time.

Good Corrosion Resistance And Pressure Resistance.



Metallurgy,petrifaction, spinning, electron & pharmacy, power generation & nuclear power,machining equipment, train internal-combustion engine generator, auto engine & engineering machinery and so on.

This is not a stock part. We custom manufacture all of our suction oil filter element and strainers to fit the needs of our clients. If you are interested in a part similar to this, or would like to tell us about your specific filter or strainer needs, contact us at


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