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  2. Stainless Steel Filter SWCQ-A25×80
  3. Stainless Steel Filter SWCQ-A25×80

Stainless Steel Filter SWCQ-A25×80

Type: Stainless Steel Filter SWCQ-A25×80
Media: Stainless Steel
OD: Custom made
Length: Custom Made

Stainless Steel Filter SWCQ-A25×80 has good filter performance. The main filter material is stainless steel wire mesh with a filtration accuracy of 0.5-200um. Its dimensions can be processed according to user requirements.

Type Stainless Steel Filter SWCQ-A25×80
OD Custom made
Length Custom made
Media SS wire mesh
Features and Benefits:


1.High strength and good toughness,Suitable for high pressure environment.
2.Can be welded, easy to load and unload. Stable hole shape, uniform distribution, stable filtration performance, good regeneration performance.
3.More than 90% recovery performance after repeated cleaning and regeneration


    1. Petrochemical, oilfield pipeline filtration;
    2. Fuel filtration equipment, construction machinery equipment fuel filtration;
    3. Equipment filtration in the water treatment industry;
    4. Pharmaceutical and food processing areas;
    5. Applicable to pre-treatment and post-treatment systems in industrial sectors such as electronics, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food;
    6. Aviation

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