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Power Plant Filter

Type: Power Plant Filter
Media: Stainless Steel
OD: customize
Length: customize

Filtration is a critical element in power generation systems. Whether maintaining the performance of gas-fired turbines or preventing the discharge of fly ash from the chimneys of coal or other sources of solid fuels, proper filtration is key to achieving environmental performance

Type Power Plant Filter
OD customize
Length customize
Media Stainless Steel
Features and Benefits:


Compared with the traditional filter, it has the advantages of compact installation structure and small volume, and the filter element adopts imported glass fiber filter material, which has the advantages of high filtration precision, strong oil-passing ability, small original pressure 。

The filter can be installed in front of components that frequently switch in the direction of flow to further remove or block impurities generated by the wear of the external components and the chemical action of the medium itself, and saves space and makes the system layout more compact.

Filtration stops a lot of the contaminant that mixes with the sulphur from getting to the hot end of the gas turbine. For instance, if you are in a coastal environment, salt going in through the inlet is typically one of the biggest areas where salt can combine with the sulphur – causing your hot end corrosion, so if you stop the salt, you stop the corrosion.


    Used in power generation systems

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