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Wedge Wire Filter Element

Type: Wedge Wire Filter Element
Media: Stainless Steel Wire
Support rods: Stainless Steel
OD: 45mm
Length: 70mm

Wedge wire filter element is made of stainless steel V wire and support rods.The V wire and the support rod are firmly welded together through the annular fusion welding process, with a firm structure and strong mechanical properties. It has a wide range of applications in industrial filtration, separation and water distribution processes.

Type Wedge Wire Filter Element
OD 45mm
Length 70mm
Media Stainless Steel Wire
Max Temperature 200℃
Features and Benefits:


Does not block (the best filtration solution for viscous liquids).
The opening area is large.
Strong mechanical properties.
Self-supporting structure.
Low pressure drop.
Easy to clean (the best filter element for self-cleaning and backwash filters).
Low maintenance cost.
Excellent load-bearing capacity (compared with perforated material).
Compared with filter paper, filter bag and other filter materials, stainless steel wedge wire screen products are more environmentally friendly.



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